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Are You Talking Your Way Out of a Sale?

We’ve all done it. Talked ourselves just a little too far back into a corner. Often – and especially in a sales meeting – it’s because we feel a need to fill that conversational void. But rather than being helpful, rattling on can be detrimental to your getting the sale. Read on to find out more about […]

Why Your Clients Don’t Trust You – and How to Fix It

Politics has sucked up most of the oxygen surround trust recently. Now, trust in politics turns out to be a complicated matter – by comparison, trust in business is a relatively simple business. So – what about your business? Hopefully your clients trust you more than the trust ratings of both the US presidential candidates. […]

Trust is Not Reputation

Four words can have a big impact: Trust is not reputation. But what does that mean? This year especially it seems the two words have been thrown around interchangeably for some time. I took a look back at the last time I addressed the difference of the two words and how their definitions got confused along the […]

Disclosure Is Not Transparency

Transparency, most of us would agree, is a positive thing.  And disclosure is an obvious way to get there. But transparency and disclosure are not the same thing. And confusing them can actually harm transparency. So – what’s the difference between disclosure and transparency? Transparency and Trust Besides “able to transmit light,” the dictionary defines transparent […]

The Perfect Pitch in Sales: 9 Rules

You’ve heard about “the dog and pony show,” the “beauty contest,” or perhaps “the shoot-out.”  Maybe you just call it “the pitch.” The term is more common in some industries – advertising, executive recruiting, some law firms – but we’re all familiar with it. Typically it’s thought of as an event – a somewhat formal presentation […]