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If Trust is So Far Down, How Come –

Everyone knows how to complete this sentence – “Trust these days is __up __down.” You can’t throw a brick into the Googlenets these days without hitting some survey that bemoans the current low state of trust in society. And while there’s a lot of truth to those surveys, there’s far more uncritical thinking and sloppy […]

Reports of Trusted Advisor’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

From James Edsberg, guest-posting on BeatonCapital Down Under, comes a curious 10-point blogpost – The Trusted Advisor: R.I.P.  Edsberg says, “It’s time to drop the tired phrase of ‘Trusted Advisor’ from your client strategy. In fact it’s time for the Trusted Advisor to RIP.” Interesting. But Edsberg falls into a trap.  See if you can spot […]

Trust in Nebraska

I’m back from a four-day Conference on Institutional Trust at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where I was one of only two non-academics (the other a most talented Federal judge from Maryland). A few headlines. First, our hosts – the University of Nebraska’s Psychology Department and its Center for Public Policy – could not possibly […]