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Michael Lewis, Wall Street, and Trust

Right after Michael Lewis’s 60-Minutes appearance to promote his new book Flash Boys I wrote a blogpost about it. The next day I received a phone call from a retail stock broker. His tone was somewhere between kindly uncle and exasperated old-timer, but his message was clear: “That Lewis guy’s obviously got an axe to grind,” said the caller. […]

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Selling To a Friend

Maybe your firm would like to sell to XYZ company and it turns out you have a college classmate who works there.  Maybe you’ve become friendly with someone in a client company for which you’d like to do further work elsewhere in the organization. Maybe a neighbor down the street works for an organization you […]

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Trust Hero: Brad Katsuyama, on CBS 60 Minutes

Michael Lewis’s new book Flash Boys goes on sale at Amazon this morning, March 31. The headline, as he put it in Sunday’s exquisitely timed CBS 60 Minutes – “The stock market is rigged.”  And it’s rigged in favor of high-frequency traders. Complaints about high frequency trading are not new. What is new, to nearly all of us, is […]

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The Limits of Value Propositions

(This post first appeared on Value propositions are unquestionably important in B2B sales, especially for large, complex, or intangible offerings. Some suggest a value proposition is the key component of successful sales. And most would say a value proposition is a necessary condition for success, if not a sufficient one. But I think we […]

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Building the Trust-based Organization, Part II

In my last post, Building the Trust-based Organization Part I, I suggested that approaches to trust at the organizational level fell into several categories. Like the parable of the blind men and the elephant, all captured some part of the puzzle, but none grasped the entirety of the issue.  The five categories I listed were: 1. Trust […]

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Building the Trust-based Organization

Do your eyes glaze over at that title? Mine do. I always click on such titles, but am usually disappointed when I get what feels like low-content or high fluff-quotient material. So I set out to tighten up the perspective. Tentative conclusions: sometimes the issue really is vague, fluffy, fog-sculpting content. More often, however, it’s […]

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Can Trust Scale? Interview with Stephanie Ann Olexa

I recently got to meet Stephanie Olexa, a renaissance woman whose most recent incarnation is as an executive coach, at her company Lead to the Future. She has quite a bit to say about trust, and about two organizations in particular.  Here’s our conversation. Charlie Green: Stephanie, you’re hard to pigeonhole. You’re an author, teacher, entrepreneur, […]

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RIP Sammy the Dog

Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am. The pet-owners prayer. Sammy was nearly 15 years old when he departed this world in our arms Saturday morning. My ex- was there with me, as she was when we brought him back from the pound in 2000. You can even see in the pictures, […]

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Do You Trust Yourself? Should You?

It’s a compelling headline: Stop Trusting Yourself.  By Northeastern University psychologist David DeSteno, it’s featured in today’s NYTimes, and ostensibly shows that we mistakenly trust ourselves – that if anything, we mis-estimate our own trustworthiness more than that of others. Compelling indeed; but like sugar water, the headline high is brief. The problem is not bad psychology […]

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It Depends on What the Meaning of the Word ‘Responsible’ Is

If that title reminds you of a Bill Clintonism, that’s no accident. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today joined Mr. Clinton as a recipient of the PTSA (Politicians’ Tortured Syntax Award). But in Christie’s case, we’re not being educated about existential issues – rather, it’s about what we mean when we say we’re responsible. Christie declared […]

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