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Working Too Hard to Make the Sale

Let’s talk about working hard. Maybe you think you’re not working hard enough; maybe someone else is guilt-tripping you into thinking so.  On the other hand, maybe you’re worried about work-life balance; or maybe you’re looking for that magic 2-day work week. These thoughts rest on one definition of working hard: hours spent. I’d like […]

Why Crying In Your Beer is Just a Waste of Good Beer

(Today’s post is a rework of an earlier one, focused on trust and reciprocity of emotions). One of the great things about country music is how it speaks to the heart, about real human emotions. Among the arts, music may be the most powerful at mirroring our feelings. Then again – after a certain point, dwelling […]

Trust-based Selling, Redux ca 2018

Over a decade ago, I wrote Trust-based Selling. As I said in the opening paragraph, “You don’t often hear those two words mentioned in the same sentence.” What that book was about was squaring the circle – explaining the apparent paradox of how you can sell and be trusted at the same time. I believe […]