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Two Paths to a Trusted Business

Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine that you’ve been put in charge of an effort to improve the level of trust that people have in your organization (which could be a company, an institution, a business unit, whatever). You have two choices, I would suggest. One I’ll call “outside-in,” and the other “inside-out.” Both have […]

Zoom In, Zoom Out

I’m noticing there are two types of people in this world; those who when on Zoom calls (or Teams, etc.) turn their camera on, and those who prefer to leave the camera off. With one of my clients – a large professional services firm –despite pleading and cajoling and shaming, I generally get only 30% […]

Want a (Better) New Year’s Resolution?

Some years ago I wrote about a “Better New Year’s Resolution.” It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. For years I tried to improve on it, and never could. I finally stopped trying. Here it is again, not-so-new-and-improved, but still pretty good, I think. What do you think?   My unscientific sampling […]

Trusted Advisor Lawyers

In Gallup’s annual poll of Most Trusted Professions, lawyers rank 11th out of 15. In our work with clients, we often ask for unprompted answers to “which professions are least trusted?” The results reliably list car salesmen, lawyers and politicians as top choices for the bottom three. It’s also true that in our practice, lawyers […]

20 Years of Trust: What Has Changed

It’s been 20 years since the release of The Trusted Advisor. As we began the process of creating the 20th Anniversary Edition, we dived into deep reflection on how building trust has changed over the last two decades. Surely it had to be vast… when the first book was released many people didn’t have an […]

7 Lessons to Improve Trust in a Virtual World

– With contributions from Sandy Styer, Client Manager – Diagnostics and Stewart Hirsch, Senior Coach – Business Development and Executive Leadership  Pandemic. Coronavirus. Covid-19. _____.   ______.  . ______. Fill in the blanks with adjective(s) of your choice [apocalyptic; unprecedented; crisis; game-changer; etc.] Add a flourishing punch line, and you’ve got the intro to this […]

Can You Trust the Statistics on Trust?

The ZDNet headline is striking: “Americans trust Amazon and Google more than Oprah (and Trump).” Wow! Ring the alarm bells, right? The article goes on to cite the underlying study, from Morning Consult, called Most Trusted Brands 2020. Those brands range from the US Post Office to Hershey and Cheerios, from “religious leaders” and labels on […]

A (Better) New Year’s Resolution

Thirteen years have passed since I first wrote the following thoughts on New Years resolutions. Frankly, it was good. And frankly I haven’t been able to write a better one. Next year, maybe (though, probably not). So, apologies to those who have read it year after year – though I suspect some of you won’t […]