If trust is key to business success, having the right definitions and measurements is essential. Trusted Advisor Associates has been working with two key concepts, The Trust Equation (TQ) and The Four Trust Principles, as critical frameworks for understanding trust and realizing how it can help your business succeed.


Understanding The Trust Equation

Trust relationships are vital to the way we do business today. In fact, the level of trust in business relationships, whether internal with employees or colleagues or external with clients and partners, is the greatest determinant of success.

The Trust Quotient and the Science Behind It

The Trust Quotient assessment, or TQ for short, is the metricized form of the Trust Equation. It is our tool for defining and measuring personal trustworthiness, thereby allowing it to be managed.

The Four Trust Principles

While we can assess trustworthiness and understand its impact on our personal and professional lives, being or becoming trustworthy can’t be reduced to behaviors alone. Our actions are manifestations of our principles — the beliefs and values we carry inside ourselves and live by. If your values don’t drive you to behave in a trustworthy manner all the time, you’ll be found out quickly.

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