Carol Marsh


Who I’m Following:

I’m delighted to be part of the Trusted Advisor Associates team. I have enjoyed a diverse 30-year career as a Human Resources and Talent professional to help leaders become learners and build high performance cultures.

I have served as an internal/external consultant and HR Business Partner in a range of industries: for- profit and not-for-profit; medium sized privately held business and large multinational corporations in banking, higher education, retail, petroleum/petrochemical, transportation and financial services. I am a certified career coach through Coach U as well as certified in Hogan Personality, Strength Deployment Inventory, Crucial Conversations, DiSC and Situational Leadership. My motto is “Leave People Stronger” empowering people to identify desired outcomes, build a plan and define measurable mileposts of success.


In the book, Trusted Advisor, the five stages of building trust are all critical to a successful partnership, but the stage on listening rang an especially big bell for me!

When I was a young, new manager I was so focused on solving the business problem I did not listen or ask enough questions to realize the depth of the issue for the team. This affected relationships and delayed the delivery of an effective solution. It took a great deal of time and energy to rebuild the relationships; in the end, while they improved, they never rose to the level to create a high performing team. My valuable lesson is a core component of trust building: I learned that I need to listen with all of me to hear the facts, the emotions and the unsaid to truly understand another human being.

This quote from the book resonates to me:  “Listening is essential to “earn the right” to comment and be involved with a client’s issue.”  My clients have said that I really “get” them, and I know this is how!


I facilitate Trusted Advisor sessions. I also design leadership development programs and am a process facilitator for organizational design, strategy and cultural cohesion.


I’m a three-way tie: The Connector, The Steward, The Doer 

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