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Trust-based Networking and the Paradox of “Collateral Benefit”

A (seemingly) simple question: What is the goal of business networking? The goal of most business networking is to make new connections in order to get more business.  The goal of trust-based networking is to help others develop their businesses.  The “collateral benefit” of trust-based networking is that others then help you. When it comes […]

A (Better) New Year’s Resolution

Twelve years have passed since I first wrote the following thoughts on New Years resolutions. Frankly, it was good. And frankly I haven’t been able to write a better one. Next year, maybe (though, probably not). So, apologies to those who have read it year after year – though I suspect some of you won’t […]

The Disconnect Between Short-term Behaviors and Short-term Results

One of the most frequent trust questions I get is typically phrased as a dilemma: how can we establish trust-based long-term relationships in a culture that values short-term performance? But rarely have I had the question posed so clearly and sharply as in a recent discussion with an investment banker. Paraphrasing, he said: “Listen, I […]