High-Stakes Trust Intervention™

Are you on the Board, in the C-suite, heading a large team, or the key contact for your company’s most important customer or client?  Are trust fissures within your leadership team or organization hampering growth or success?  Has a trust breach with a major client or customer soured the relationship?  Are the issues complex and nuanced?

When the stakes are high, and integrity, authenticity and the ability to speak openly and honesty are at risk, or worse, consider our High Stakes Trust Intervention™ program: a joint offering of Charles H Green  (founder/CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates LLC), and Stewart Hirsch (head of coaching for Trusted Advisor Associates LLC and CEO of Strategic Relationships LLC).

We will collaborate with you to identify the root cause of the trust rupture, and craft a strategic and tactical intervention, designed to restore trust, and help you get relationships back on track.  Our team – Charles Green, an author, and a thought-leader on trust with a no-nonsense “call it as it is” style, and Stewart Hirsch, leadership and business relationship coach – will work with individuals and teams with practical in-the-moment coaching and guidance.  We are tuned into sensitivities and will find ways to address situations tactfully and discretely. 

Each case is unique, of course: call for free consultation as to what such a program might look like for your organization.  

Executive Coaching

Our Trust-based Executive Coaching takes many forms – from on-demand sessions to ongoing, long-term programs.  Our practical coaching focuses on key issues that you, your team, and your organization face every day.

The program is helmed by Stewart , whose goal is to help you master trust-building skills, improve your professional relationships, and overcome specific trust issues.

Our goal is to listen, understand, and advise, building a trusted relationship to help you grow personally and succeed.

 Key Benefits:

  • Get structured, ongoing coaching to tackle any number of challenging business issues
  • Invest in yourself, your team and your abilities to work together and drive better team results
  • Gain an experienced advisor to help improve your professional career

“The Trusted Advisor Coaching Program is much more about building trust relationships than just selling products or services within a trust-based model. [The facilitator] did a spectacular job guiding us through two days of training, which was followed by several hours of professional coaching by Stewart Hirsch. He delivered beyond expectations and I quickly learned how to apply the principles learned in class.
— Pat D’Alba, Senior Vice President, CFRE, The Solutions Group, Grizzard Communications