Catherine (Cate) Gregory

Catherine (Cate) Gregory


I facilitate our workshops and webinars. Clients tell me I blend curiosity and humor with experience and insight to create an environment that helps them see and address the fundamental challenges to their success. I learn more about trust in every session I lead, and strive to leave them with the tools, mindsets, and confidence to achieve their desired outcomes.

I’m also a strategy consultant and executive coach. I have spent over 20 years supporting clients as they take on their most complex and daunting challenges. When I’m not leading programs for Trusted Advisor Associates; I am coaching one-on-one with leaders or consulting directly with clients on strategy, change management, and leadership development.  My clients include leaders and teams across the US Federal Government, non-profit organizations, and commercial industry.  I get excited working with clients as they define and then realize their desired outcomes. I have a B.A. from The University of Virginia and a Masters Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. I also hold certifications in team effectiveness, organizational culture, and leadership development tools

My Trust Story

I had a team of four consultants working on a long-term project with an important client who valued seeing the same faces year after year. In the course of three months, the entire team turned over. I had to deliver the bad news as each team member departed and always tried to have an answer ready for how to solve the problem. I could sense his frustration building with each encounter.

After several turnovers, my client vented to me his frustration. This time, instead of trying to solve the problem I listened, and then listened some more, as he expressed his concerns and aggravation. He concluded with, “I know you are doing all you can. I just had to get that out.” He was still unhappy and we were able to move forward together.

Once things were more stable with the team, I brought up the possibility of phasing out our support and letting him phase in a contractor who he felt would be more reliable. He didn’t want anyone else – he wanted our team.

My key takeaways: Listening is even more important than you think – it is a critical business skill and a way to recover trust in the face of challenging circumstances.

My Services

As an associate, I lead our Becoming a Trusted Advisor program and coach participants as they apply what they have learned to real-world situations. I am also a public speaker and deliver 45-90 minute presentations on trust-related topics, including trust and leadership, the dynamics of influence, and dealing with conflict.


Cate is a fabulous instructor who did an outstanding job and was a pleasure to get to know.

– Participant, 2013

Cate was an outstanding facilitator; she helped take the Trusted Advisor principles and apply them practically.

Participant, 2013

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