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I like to think I make the complex simple for my clients, colleagues and leaders. It’s something that I’ve been practicing for almost twenty years. I find that behind almost every business challenge there is often a simple solution – nine times out of ten it’s identifying the conversations that aren’t happening.

More so now than ever, Trust needs to be the foundation for those challenging conversations. I facilitate and help clients see how impactful building, growing and maintaining Trust is to their relationships, success and growth.

Based in Edinburgh, I have worked globally for Accenture, Jones Lang LaSalle and Standard Life. Additionally in my early career I experienced working in deep trust environments as a Police Officer and RNLI volunteer crew. 

I therefore bring a raft of business and high intensity stories to my Trusted Advisor work – helping connect people to the principles through very real life examples.


I had a ‘light bulb’ moment when teaching the Trust Equation to a group of Managers in a top 4 consulting firm. I had been teaching the principles for a number of years and had always shared the story of how a client had blown the trust in our relationship.

I stood silent in a class room in Kuala Lumpar for what seemed like a minute reflecting on the words of that client and how very emotional they were. As I went to deliver the ‘here’s how that client damaged that relationship’, I realised I couldn’t honestly say that anymore.

In that one minute of reflection I understood that it was also me who had contributed to the damaged relationship. Personal agendas and a lack of difficult conversations had created a trust gap between us both. We rebuilt the relationship over a number of months, but the lessons are still as real today as they were then.

I continue to share the details of the story with clients as it continues to make what we do here at the Trusted Advisor really come alive.


I work with clients and their teams on Being a Trusted Advisor and building deeper trusted relationships.


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