Besma Kraiem

Besma Kraiem


Besma Kraiem is Licensed Partner for the EMEA region, drawing on 15+ years of experience in business development, sales and sales management. Besma has held various leadership positions in the ICT sector in Germany, UK, Japan and Portugal; most notably managing over 30 sales professionals in Europe, Africa and Latin America. She has a strong track record of achievement and extensive experience in managing and motivating teams. Coupling her sales leadership skills with her passion for developing people, she started her own company, helping her clients unleash the potential of their B2B sales teams through consulting, sales training, and coaching.

Besma is the founding partner of IBK – International Business Konsulting. She has an electrical engineering degree, an MBA in international business development and is a certified coach. She is guest lecturer at Business Schools and a frequent keynote speaker.

My Trust Story

In one of my first engagements with big clients and C-level decision makers, I experienced first-hand the importance of serving the customer even if that means losing business. I took a major risk and recommended a Telecom operator to de-range one of our products, explaining that if we don’t take it out of the market ourselves then, it would be taken out later as a result of declining business. The client appreciated the honest recommendation and ended up ranging other devices from our portfolio.

Years later, as Head of International sales of a European Technology vendor, I continued to experience the tremendous impact a trust relationship has on the business. I was doing it rather intuitively, but then I also had some so-called “tough” clients where things didn’t go that well. That’s when I came across Charles H. Green and read his books. It became clear to me that the principles and methodologies from Trusted Advisor Associates do help accelerate building trust and provide consistent results.