Stewart Hirsch

Stewart Hirsch

Senior Coach – Business Development and Executive Leadership

As a coach, facilitator and strategist, I lead Trusted Advisor’s coaching practice. I provide leadership and business development coaching. I help our clients succeed by applying Trusted Advisor models and principles to real life business situations.

A lawyer by trade, I have a J.D. from Boston University School of Law, and practiced law in firms and in-house for 20 years. I have coached professionals and leaders at dozens of large organizations. My company, Strategic Relationships helps professionals build relationships that result in business, and enhance leadership capabilities through coaching and workshops.

My Trust Story

I started my own legal business in 1990. In a few years, I was getting a lot of project work from major companies. When a large project ended, one of these companies offered me an in-house legal job. It was everything I would have wanted in a job, and there were no new projects on the horizon.

Still, I chose to let the job go. I was on a path and decided to trust my gut, and trust in whatever was in store for me. And I was completely transparent with the General Counsel who offered me the job. I told him that the job was perfect, and that I had to turn it down.

It was the best move I ever made. New projects began to flow. That General Counsel told me a few years later that he thought I was making a huge mistake at the time, but that he respected my honesty and integrity. He still wanted me to be part of the team, even if I wouldn’t accept a position. That company became my largest legal client. But more importantly, a year later I started my coaching and training business, which led to my meeting Charlie Green, and my affiliation with Trusted Advisor Associates.

My Services

I oversee the Trusted Advisor coaching practice, which helps managers and executives apply trust principles to real life business situations and relationships. I also designed and lead Guided Learning to Master Trust, an intensive coaching and e-learning program that teaches professionals to be trusted business advisors.

My Trust Temperament:

The Connector™

Topic Areas:

  • Trust-based Selling
  • Trust-based Leadership


I can’t recommend Stewart highly enough – for his insights, personal skill, patience and effective business development coaching and teaching. I give him great credit for helping me double my practice in a short while after coming to Duane Morris.

– Anthony Martin – Partner, Duane Morris

This course works because it is based upon rock solid principles of human nature and social psychology. The ability to engender trust is the one attribute that separates those who succeed in both business and in life. Take this course and you will be well on your way to success in both realms.

– Nils Montan – Esq., Owner, The Book Fanatics; formerly of counsel to the law firm Danneman Siemsen Bigler &  Ipanema Moreira, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil

Stewart has been a guest lecturer in my Professional Services class for Master’s Degree students at Emerson College in Boston for the last three years. He is a wonderful facilitator and presenter. His presentation — How to Become a Trusted Advisor — is always well-received by my students, and he gets strong feedback on his teaching approach and topic. And my students participated actively in his workshop.

– Silvia Hodges, PhD

Stewart Hirsch is a powerful and intuitive coach. His intellect and curiosity set him apart from other advisors I have worked with. But what really moves me is Stewart’s compassion for me as a whole person and his commitment to helping me tackle the thorniest challenges I face.

– Jennifer Vanmeter – Principal Consultant, Touchstone Consulting Group

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