Kristin Abele

Kristin Abele

Director of Diagnostics

As the Director of Diagnostics at Trusted Advisor Associates, I manage the Trust Quotient (TQ) assessment and the Multi-Rater Assessment (360), products of our diagnostics division. These tools offer an in-depth look at the trustworthiness of professionals and the organizations in which they work. I work directly with our larger clients, including Fortune 500 (and equivalents globally), as well as with higher education institutions.

My Trust Story

One of my first full-time jobs was as an Assistant Account Executive at a boutique marketing firm in New York City. I was eager and hungry to learn and get involved in the work force – especially in a field that I was so interested in. My supervisor was excited to teach me everything she knew and show me the ropes of the job, our clients, our partners and even the city.

It wasn’t until a year or so into this position did I realize how close I had become with our clients, chatting regularly about their daily lives in between helping them accomplish their goals. We had become a team; all working towards a united goal – of getting their companies to reach theirs.

One day, I had been open with my client about how I had dropped the ball on a portion of their project. They were incredibly receptive and even offered to help so that we, together, could still meet the agreed upon deadlines. I didn’t think anything of my honesty. It just came naturally. Not until my supervisor had hopped on the phone with our client, after I had explained what happened – with me on the line to learn from her – and flat out lied to our client about the situation. To say my client was taken aback was an understatement. She was frustrated, offended and instantly put on her guard. She already had known what had happened, accepted it and moved on.

I learned very quickly that day how far truth and honesty go in regards to building and establishing trust in all types of relationships.

My Services

I am the Director for Trusted Advisor’s Trust Diagnostics™, a suite of self-assessment tools that help teams and individuals build trustworthiness.

My Trust Temperament:

The Steward™

Topic Areas:

  • 360 Trust Temperament Tools
  • Trust Quotient Assessment Tools
  • Trust Audit Services



Sandy, you are a gem.

– Dorothy Lick – SVP, Education, North Dakota Bankers Association

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