Trust Quotient

You know your IQ and your EQ – but do you know your TQ? The TQ Trust Quotient is a diagnostic tool designed to assess your trustworthiness. It is based on the Trust Equation, first introduced in the best-selling book The Trusted Advisor. Learn your score and how it impacts your business, your relationships with colleagues and clients, and your success at sales.

The TQ identifies individual strengths and weaknesses around the four components of trustworthiness (Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy, and Self-Orientation), and highlights your own personal Trust Temperament™ – providing insight into how your own approach to trustworthiness impacts your professional relationships.

Individuals are scored on four factors of trust connected to the Trust Equation. Each participant receives a comprehensive report, with actionable tips and insight to improving one’s trustworthiness and leveraging their existing strengths.

Our TQ programming is built to provide groups both large and small with detailed understanding of their approach to trust. Groups receive unique profiles, hands-on support from our Diagnostics Team, and optional custom solutions including webinars, trainings, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Individual team members build their confidence and get tools for building trusted advisor relationships with clients—in turn gaining more business
  • Teams gain a common understanding of trustworthiness, which encourages more communication and collaboration
  • Gain key insights into your team’s profile and performance, and identify opportunities for balance and improvement within the organization

Trust 360

Feedback is everything. Based on the individual TQ (see above), the Trust 360 offers individuals comprehensive view of their trustworthiness, but having them complete the TQ assessment on the individual in question.

A multi-rater assessment, theTrust 360 is the perfect tool to gathering feedback from both colleagues and clients on one’s own trustworthiness.

The Trust 360 is a comprehensive, multi-rater assessment built upon the foundation of our Trust Quotient assessment. By soliciting confidential, anonymous feedback from a group of clients or customers and colleagues, the Trust 360 provides a comprehensive look at your trustworthiness from the vantage point of others.

The Trust 360 has been an integral part of dozens of organizations, helping to provide key insight and learning about trust and self-awareness. By collecting and reviewing honest, impactful feedback from the most important people to your organization or department (team members, clients, and partners), you’re able to get a firmer grasp on how to improve not only your existing relationships, but how you approach new ones.

Group programs are built to support both large and small programs, ranging from 6 participants to 600 participants. Groups receive hands-on program support, in-depth program tracking, group profiles and analysis, custom communication management, and optional further program customization including post-program webinars, coaching and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Get confidential feedback about how other’s view your-own trustworthiness
  • Identify discrepancies between how participants rated themselves and how others rated them
  • Get immediate, real world examples of actions to take to improve trustworthiness during a half-day seminar with a Trusted Advisor facilitator