Free yourself to be a real leader — passionate, decisive and courageous. You can assess your own trustworthiness and develop concrete strategies for improvement; people will recognize your effort and reciprocate.

Leading and Influencing

Sometimes the best way to develop the skills of leading and influencing is highly personal, working one-on-one with a coach. It’s making a commitment to yourself which can have immense benefits for your own personal development and for your organization. Trust-based coaching comes in a number of forms with the ultimate goal of helping you.

Using the Trust Equation as a cornerstone of learning, you can increase your trustworthiness and gain practical guidance on improving your leadership skills.


  • Connect leadership with trust to provide you with a lifelong framework for self-improvement
  • Increase your confidence and reduce your personal fears, freeing you to succeed
  • Influence others at all levels: colleagues, clients, bosses, and board members, as well your own teams

Guided Learning

Mastering both the concepts of trust-building and the practicing of the behaviors takes time and personal effort, like any kind of fitness training. A combination of learning and personal feedback can build mastery and hone your own skills as a Trusted Advisor in any field or position.

It takes both the right tools and expert feedback. We use the  frameworks of our Trust Equation and Trust Principles, and tools like Effective Listening, along with expert group and individual coaching to help you reach your personal goals.


  • Learn from others in your virtual coaching group
  • Gain personal perspectives by working with a coach
  • And put your new skills into daily action on real issues in your business life

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