Keynote addresses motivate attendees to begin acting as Trusted Advisors in their business relationships and personal lives. Keynotes are perfect for any new or existing program or event geared towards sales professionals, frontline managers and their employees, senior leaders, and the organization as a whole. Our leadership team and most associates also deliver keynote addresses.

Trusted Advisor Associates Founder Charles H. Green is a preeminent thought leader when it comes to trust-based business relationships. Charlie’s career in professional services spans more than 30 years. He co-authored the “bible” for advisory relationships, The Trusted Advisor, as well as Trust-Based Selling and The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook . All three books have become the go-to resources for businesses looking to grow and enhance trust in their organization.

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 Charles H. Green, keynote speaker at industry Financial Summit, July 2017
Charles H. Green on Trust Based Leadership