Martin Hansen

Martin Hansen


As a business consultant and training facilitator, I have specialized in creating lasting behavioral changes and helping clients to put strategies in motion, to overcome the natural friction of ‘the human factor’. I work on all organizational levels and gravitate toward professional services. My trust based services are Trusted Advisor, Trust Based-Selling & Business Development and Trust Based-Leadership, strengthening our clients commercial DNA to gain more win/win-situations with their stakeholders.

 I am a partner in the consulting and training firm Ethos Consulting Services ApS based in Copenhagen, Denmark and I hold a graduate diploma of Marketing and Business Finance from Copenhagen Business School. Additionally I have experience with business operations in Japan, United Kingdom and the USA.

My Trust Story

I have worked with Charles H. Green since we introduced the Trusted Advisor-concept to Denmark in 2010, partly because nobody else had and since most of our clients are within professional services the timing was right (at this point, Financial Stability – the Danish governments holding of distressed banks – was the 5th largest bank in Denmark and trust in business was a scarcety). Today 2/3 of the largest European companies has a relationship strategy, wanting to become ‘most trusted partners’ and so they write it in their strategies, ‘must win battles’ and they tell the market – but often, these well intended companies talk about how to become trusted, like the blind talk about the colors, and try to implement the principles by having quarterly conversations with employees, often resulting in the same outcome as if they were to raise children with the same logic. To our clients satisfaction, we have successfully utilized the principles and methodologies from Trusted Advisor Associates to accelerate the process to gain a more trusting environment.

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