Paul Garces

Paul Garces


As a coach, organizational consultant and facilitator, I specialize in designing customized leadership and business development programs. I particularly enjoy working with senior leadership teams working to help define their strategy and vision, and to establish robust climates built on shared values. I enjoy delivering Trusted Advisor programs to organizations in their efforts to build and demonstrate trust in the workplace, and to deepen trust-based relationships.

Born and raised in South America, I have developed an appreciation for ensuring that cultural elements be included in any training design. Based in the Boston area, I have been consulting since 1974, supporting clients across the globe, in the private and public sectors. These have included professional service firms, financial institutions, and healthcare, where recent projects have included work for Duke Corporate Education, Oliver Wyman, Mercer, and PwC; Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, and JPMorgan Chase; Abbott, Boston Scientific, and the Federal Reserve. I have held several senior management and client relationship management roles in different training/ consulting firms.

My Trust Story

A lot of my work in the past few years has concentrated on executive coaching. My job has included helping senior managers evaluate the skills sets and style that have fueled their career progression, and examine the possible (unknown) derailers in their behavior that may get in the way of their career. I work hard to create a safe “climate” for my clients.

At times, I found myself dealing with a type of client where the process of helping build self-awareness felt (to me) to be taking too long. Although I prided myself on being credible and reliable, my occasional impatience came through as I would interrupt my client, or finish sentences/ thoughts for him/her. In one extreme case, I had actually started crafting the actual “improvement plans” for a client, violating my own rule of letting them develop their own pathway on their journey. As I showed my client what I hoped they would see as a template for their own planning, full of detailed examples of what behavior changes they should consider making, my client gently said “Why don’t you go ahead and finish the whole plan, Paul? I thought this was supposed to be MY thinking, not yours.”
It was a big wake-up call. I was taken aback, and embarrassed. I had been focusing on the transaction, not on the long-term outcome. Clearly, my self-orientation had been too high and my desire to “control” the process so much had backfired. In the process I had clouded the climate of true intimacy I had wanted to have. I had been driven by the impatience to move the client along more quickly than they were ready to move.

My Services

In addition to developing my own workshops in executive leadership/change management and business development, I am a Trusted Advisor, trainer and coach. In particular, I provide Trust Coaching and train our clients on Trusted AdvisorTrust-Based Selling and the deepening of trust-based relationships.

My Trust Temperament:

The Doer™

Topic Areas:

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Trust-Based Selling



Paul embodies what we look for in a trusted advisor role—as a consultant, and as a model for the people on our own staff.  It is clear that Paul’s  extensive international teaching and coaching experience in a wide variety of cultures and countries has made him highly effective at running classes containing a cultural and country of origin participant mix. Paul is deeply committed to a learner-centered approach to executive development, and it shows– he manifests this commitment in all arenas. He is always looking for creative ways to establish trust in the classroom, draw out participants, and make learning material most relevant.

– Divisional Vice President in a large multinational organization

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