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Muses: Really Entertaining Business Blogs by Women

Some of the most entertaining, content-rich and downright helpful business blogs we love are written by women. Here are a few of our favorites. What are yours? Danah Boyd’s Apophenia is both scholarly and immensely readable. She has real research, real clues and real heart about what’s going on with young social media consumers. Want […]

Lessons in Leadership and the Three Umpires

This is one of my all-time favorite stories. Three umpires (baseball, for our international readers) were talking about how they make calls on each pitch. The first umpire said: “There’s balls and there’s strikes, and I call them like they is.” Umpire number two said: “No, there’s balls and there’s strikes, and I call ’em […]

David Zinger, CEOs and Vulnerability

In his Zing-Review of March 3, employee engagement expert David Zinger cited research by the health care research firm Beryl on improving patient experiences in hospitals. The whole article is rich with references and research, though the title is a bit intimidating. David pulls from the final paragraph: [The CEOs’] vulnerability is the first step […]

The Godfather Chronicler: Gay Talese on Trust

Readers of this blog know that we often write about Intimacy in a business context. And two of the three elements which make up that invaluable quality are empathy and discretion: creating a cocoon of safety in which another person can talk to us. I have never heard a more poetic description of this than […]

Daniel Pink on Getting Employee Engagement All Wrong

There’s a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between what science knows – the science around human motivation – and what business does, and the result is disastrous for the economy, for businesses, and for human beings. This, according to Daniel Pink in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Motivation […]

The Best Business Blog You Probably Haven’t Read

My nominee for one of the best business blogs ever is The Cynical Girl, previously known as Punk Rock HR. It may also be the funniest business blog going. In a recent posting, Laurie Ruettimann explained what employers think makes a great employee: a super hardworking slob who labors for love of the company and […]