Sandy Styer

Sandy Styer

Client Manager - Diagnostics

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In addition to working as general manager of Trusted Advisor Associates, I create and apply diagnostic tools to guide the success of Trusted Advisor clients. These tools — such as the Trust Quotient quiz — help people get at the root of questions that, when resolved, help people and organizations build more trust.

I have an MBA from Harvard Business School. As trained focus group moderator, I am intrigued by the way our brains work and how this is expressed in patterns of behavior and data. I have held high-level management positions at Chemical Bank and American Airlines, and have consulted a range of organizations — from Fortune 500s to internet start-ups.

My Trust Story

Right out of Harvard Business School, I accepted a job with the Operations Division of Chemical Bank — now JPMorgan Chase. The most compelling reason I went there was Alan, the division controller: he was incredibly smart, demanding, and a great mentor. He trusted his staff.

My pivotal moment was sitting in a lunch with the six or seven most senior members of the division, and Alan said to them: “I know that I’m Jiminy Cricket, sitting on your shoulders and constantly challenging and questioning you. This is my job, of course, and it’s also my personality. It’s hard for me to give up what’s brought me success in the past.” The senior guys acknowledged that truth and transparency with a chuckle.

That openness and honesty was an aha moment for me: say things out loud, be my best self, take plenty of risks. And that’s something I’ve carried with me through all the twists and turns of my career. I love the challenge of looking for what’s new… what’s next.

My Services

I am the Practice Lead for Trusted Advisor’s Trust Diagnostics™, a suite of self-assessment tools that help teams and individuals build trustworthiness. I also co-developed, manage and implement the practice’s Trust Roadmap™, a trust audit and trust-building tool for organizations.

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The Catalyst™

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  • 360 Trust Temperament Tools
  • Trust Audit Services



Sandy, you are a gem.

– Dorothy Lick – SVP, Education, North Dakota Bankers Association

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