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Willful, Wishful Blindness: Trust and the Real Learning from the BBC Crisis

The UK press is screaming ‘blue murder’ about the recent turn of events in the BBC: ‘How to restore trust in the BBC’ ‘You don’t trust us – and maybe you never will’ ‘Trust lost, hard to regain!’ A crisis for the BBC? Certainly. But a “complete loss of trust” is a wild exaggeration. Still, […]

Butt-Kicked by the Universe

Oh man, did I do something stupid, embarrassing and untrustworthy today. A colleague forwarded me a calendar invite originally sent by a client. I NEVER respond to an actual calendar invite as if it’s an email; I always respond to the actual invitation using the buttons “accept,” “reject,” or “tentative.” But today, for reasons unknown […]

Why We Don’t Trust Politicians: the Case of Healthcare

Stephen M.R. Covey, in his recent Trust Matters interview, notes that politicians rank lowest in trust among all professions. He identifies counterfeit behavior as the underlying cause. He’s right; and of all the high-visibility disagreements today – wars, abortion, debt – none has inspired more flagrant counterfeit behavior than health care. It’s a polarizing issue […]

Making a Trusted Advisor of the Procurement Function

Please welcome guest-blogger Bill Young, a Management Consultant. We have high regard for this person and we think you’ll enjoy the content. The procurement function in an organization can play an important role—potentially both strategic and advisory. It can also, however, be dragged down into petty negativism. It’s in everyone’s interest to get it right. […]

The Dark Side of Work to Come

If one wants to be a pessimist about the future of work, there is no shortage of opportunities to nurture one’s paranoia. A compelling new work by Lynda Gratton—The Shift: The Future of Work is Already Here—could feed your dark fears. But she also shines considerable light on them, showing the way out, and the […]

The August Trust Matters Review

David Heath writes about how changes to conditions of service destroy trust between companies and clients. “We have a relationship based on Trust and Understanding; we don’t trust them, and they don’t understand us.” Kenneth C. Davis writes about times in America when there was even less public trust, and less hope than there is […]