Valuable Content Award Winners Announced

One of the hot issues on the web these days (along with curation and inbound marketing) is content. Actually, other than a short period where portals ruled the headlines, I’m not sure if “content” ever really went out of vogue.

In any case, friend across the pond Sonja Jefferson runs Valuable Content. They do website development—but with an avowed focus on content. As they put it, they develop “websites rich with content customers appreciate that consistently generate qualified leads.”

Which, come to think of it, also has to do with curation and inbound marketing.

Anyway, they have recently initiated the Valuable Content Awards; here are this month’s five winners:

The Payroll Services Centre—yes, payroll services. At

Bryony Thomas, a marketing consultant, at

Heather Townsend, an all-things-networking business at

Formicio, an IT transformation and innovation consultancy, at

Oh yeah and a little business called Trusted Advisor Associates got one too. We are grateful.

Thanks to Sonja (@sonjajefferson) and Sharon (@sjtanton), Mick and Eli for doing the heavy lifting to put the awards program together. Good content deserves recognition.