Upcoming Events 7/30/10

Summer days–oh, how they keep us occupied. Between the beautiful sunshine that beckons us out and the sweltering heat that keeps us in, we’ve managed to keep our wits about us and our calendar in order. With September slowly creeping in, we’re set for the next few big events here at Trusted Advisor Associates. Are you?


Tues. Sept. 21st      Global Access          Charles H. Green

Charlie will be a presenter in the 2010 Mediation Business Summit webinar. He’ll talk about how the sales process is a powerful opportunity to create trust and how behaving in the a trustworthy manner during the sales process both creates customer trust and enhances the odds of getting the sale. He’ll outline the principles of Trust-based Selling(r) and discuss how to respond to the Six Toughest Sales Questions. Cost: $100 to attend entire event 8 speakers, via telephone. For more information and to register, visit http://mediationbusinesssummit.com/register/.

Tues-Fri. Sept 21-24th          Chicago          Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe, Director of Learning Programs, will be a Learning Team Leader for Linkage Inc’s 2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit and will be leading a session on "Client Relationships: Making Yourself more Trustworthy."

Tues. Sept. 28th          Washington, DC          Andrea Howe & Charles H. Green

Interested in learning how to increase trust anywhere, with anyone, anytime? Register now for Trusted Advisor Associates’ signature program,  Being a Trusted Advisor: Walking the Talk, co-led by Andrea Howe and Charles H. Green. All early registration seats are filled;register now before the program sells out!

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