Two Pros on Powerful Presentations

“If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

This truism is true in many venues. One is in the field of communications.

There are people who are expert in crafting presentations. Others, in body language. Still others in the use of voice, and others in what we say.

But the really good communicators know how to use the full toolkit, even if they might lead from one tool or another. They manage to find themes that cut across the functional skills of the trade, and convey holistic ideas to those of us who must speak.

Two pros in the business of standing-and-delivering in the business arena are Steven Pearce (in the UK) and Sims Wyeth (in the US).

Treat yourself to Pearce’s Straight Talker’s Manifesto. It covers a range of suggestions, and manages to convey a look while doing so that is itself an education about communication.

Sims wrote The Three Commandments of Presenting in an excellent publication from the past, Consulting To Management, or C2M. It lives on his article, which reminds us Thou Shalt Not Be Arrogant, Confusing, or Boring. He does so without committing any of these sins.

Good stuff for all of us who would communicate better, and think the world is looking a bit nailish lately.

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