The Trust Buzz of 2010: The Summer of Trust?

There’s a lot of buzz about "trust" this year.

Just look at the headlines: BP, Goldman Sachs, Toyota, Tylenol . . . . But the question remains, is all this talk going any where? Have we figured out how to make business more trustworthy? (And while we’re all talking, is anybody listening?)

At this week, I explore what 2010’s trust buzz is all about:

2010: The Summer of Trust
Love was the buzzword in 1967, but that year’s legacy was justthe opposite. Trust is this summer’s "love." What will the legacy be this time?

Do you think the "summer of trust" will have any real effect? Do you believe that trust and trustworthiness will improve going forward or get worse?

Read 2010: The Summer of Trust  and let me know what you think–in the comments section this time.

(I’m listening!)

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