The Carnival of Trust Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

The First Anniversary Edition of the Carnival of Trust is now live and it’s got some fine reading.

 Hosted this month by the multi-continental Clarke Ching, it has a decided flavor of software.

Which makes for fascinating reading, as the rest of us re-discover some old and deep truth as if for the first time through Clarke’s inspired choices. Those choices include:

  • Wisdom from a software guru about pricing consulting arrangements and offering service guarantees;
  • Reflections on the notion of trust as applied to systems;
  • Perhaps my favorite, the prime directive—what happens when you systematically set about assuming people’s intentions are good;
  • There is stochasticresonance, which relates truth to trust;
  • And Clarke gives us a couple anchor points to consider the tragedy of the commons—including applications to politics.

Clarke has mastered the use of the Carnival of Trust format: the host limits him—or herself to a Top 10 list of posts only, and offers up truly value-adding commentary—not just a link. It is a good format which Clarke makes his own.

Fine reading.  Go see what Clarke Ching has done for trust.

Next month’s carnival will be hosted by Andrea Howe and the gang at BossaBlog.

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Want some great reading on trust from past carnivals? Visit the Carnival of Trust homepage.

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  1. Shaula Evans
    Shaula Evans says:

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of your carnival, Charlie.

    I look forward to it every month, and I am particularly delighted with the job that Clarke Ching has done this time around.  It is a pleasure to discover so many high-quality writers and insights on trusts from such a range of perspectives.

    Thank you for all the work that you and your guest hosts put in to make the carnival happen.


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