Deadline for May Carnival of Trust Submissions

Just a reminder: this Thursday, April 30, at midnight US Eastern Standard time, is the due date for submissions to the May Carnival of Trust.

For the few among you who have still not heard of the Carnival of Trust (you know who you are, and you’ve been warned)–it is a compilation of the Top Ten blogposts of the past month having to do in some way with the subject of trust: trust in relationships, business, politics, or society.

The host-ship of the Carnival is rotated each month. The host plays a critical role not only in selecting the blogposts for inclusion, but in adding some value of their own by commenting or adding context. Kind of like a really concise, insightful movie review.

May’s host will be San Diego’s gift (or is it Pittsburgh’s?) to the (legal) world, Dan Hull.   A commercial litigator with broad experience, Dan is also the author of the popular blawg What about Clients?  We’ve been chasing Dan for months and are delighted to have momentarily nailed him down for this month’s Carnival.

Do you have a recent blogpost (or want to recommend someone else’s) that has something to sya about trust?   Submit it.  You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket; but remember, the host must choose from among much good material to select the Top Ten.

You can submit your post for inclusion here. Good luck!

July Carnival of Trust is Now Up!

Carnival Banner


The July Carnival of Trust is most ably hosted by Andrea Howe of BossaNova Consulting.  And a tasty feast it is.

The Carnival of Trust is a  monthly collection of the Top Ten best blog postings on the internet related to the subject of trust, with selection and distinctive commentary added by the host.  Like movie reviews in the New Yorker, the Carnival is insightful and succinct in equal parts–a oncentrated dose of wisdom, perspective and humor, all in an easily digestible format.

Andrea’s selections this month include these provocative topics:

  • How to increase trust by violating the no-talking-politics rule with clients
  • What Tim Russert’s passing taught us about what we value
  • How meetings kill trust
  • Creating value before the sales call
  • A call to arms for lawyers–to increase trust in the profession

Andrea’s commentaries are worth the price of admission (actually much more, since admission is free), and click-through’s are easy. 

Drop by the July Carnival of Trust at Bossablog today.


Past Carnivals can be found here.  If you’d like to enter a blog posting for the next Carnival, click here.  The next Carnival of Trust will be held at the beginning of September.




The Carnival of Trust Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

The First Anniversary Edition of the Carnival of Trust is now live and it’s got some fine reading.

 Hosted this month by the multi-continental Clarke Ching, it has a decided flavor of software.

Which makes for fascinating reading, as the rest of us re-discover some old and deep truth as if for the first time through Clarke’s inspired choices. Those choices include:

  • Wisdom from a software guru about pricing consulting arrangements and offering service guarantees;
  • Reflections on the notion of trust as applied to systems;
  • Perhaps my favorite, the prime directive—what happens when you systematically set about assuming people’s intentions are good;
  • There is stochasticresonance, which relates truth to trust;
  • And Clarke gives us a couple anchor points to consider the tragedy of the commons—including applications to politics.

Clarke has mastered the use of the Carnival of Trust format: the host limits him—or herself to a Top 10 list of posts only, and offers up truly value-adding commentary—not just a link. It is a good format which Clarke makes his own.

Fine reading.  Go see what Clarke Ching has done for trust.

Next month’s carnival will be hosted by Andrea Howe and the gang at BossaBlog.

Like to see your blogpost in a future Carnival of Trust? Hey, it could happen! But first, you gotta buy a ticket. Click here to submit your blog posts to the Carnival of Trust.

Want some great reading on trust from past carnivals? Visit the Carnival of Trust homepage.