Killer Apps 2.1 – Voice to Text on Your Computer

I wrote on my last post about how Siri on the iPhone was just the tip of the iceberg for speech-to-text software. Fine and good, but what about voice-2-text on your computer?

If you have a Mac running Lion OS X 10.7 Lion, you can see the future now. If you don’t, check this out anyway, you’ll see it soon enough.

Dragon Comes to the Utilities World

Dragon is the full-blown software product line of Nuance communications, pretty much the industry leader in voice to text. It’s powerful stuff, somewhat expensive, and getting better all the time.

But now there’s a new kid on the block: a utility version of Dragon, called Dragon Express.  Simplified, to be sure, but available instantly at a keystroke. Click – start talking.

But it’s easier to show than to talk about.  Check out the short video I did below.

Dragon Express Demo

As I said before, voice to text represents a quantum leap in the efficiency of communications, the likes of which we haven’t seen in some time.  It’s just getting started, and will be exciting to watch develop.

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  1. S. Anthony Iannarino
    S. Anthony Iannarino says:

    I love it, Charlie. You are, perhaps, even more of a tech geek than I. 

    Mostly I take notes from books by highlighting the text in the Kindle app and cutting it out of my Amazon Kindle page. But, Dragon Express works so well, I can just read the quote straight into DE and paste it right into a document or slide. It is a killer app, for sure. 

  2. Charlie Green
    Charlie Green says:


    No, you win hands-down in the tech geek category, having turned me on to OmniFocus. 

    What a great little example, though, I hadn’t thought of that one. See, the ideas just keep on a comin’.


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