January Carnival of Trust is Up

The Carnival of Trust this month is ably hosted by Jon Ingham, world traveler HR capital expert who hosts the blog Social Advantage from his perch in the UK.  And Jon has produced a delightful Carnival for you.

Jon has done the heavy lifting for you, so you can read highly concentrated doses of the best (that is, from Jon’s perspective) of the last month’s postings broadly related to trust.  Jon’s perspective inevitably colors the choices, which is exactly what we want from Carnival of Trust hosts; his viewpoint is that of human relationships.

Some of the goodies he’s served up for you include:

  • The emerging Trust Economy;
  • Whether it’s ethical to tweet workshop content;
  • Should you give trust, or should others earn it;
  • Three easy steps to losing trust.

And more.  All with Jon’s trenchant commentary.

Go ahead, treat yourself to some fine reading at the Carnival of Trust.  It’ll lower your cholesterol. (Well, it’ll do your heart good anyway).

Thanks again to Jon Ingham for hosting.



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