January Carnival of Trust is Up

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The January Carnival of Trust is up.

This month, I’m proud to announce it is hosted by Ford Harding, of Harding and Company.

The Carnival of Trust is a monthly blog carnival which focuses on the role of trust in business and other relationships. Each month, the host reviews submissions and selects the Top 10 submissions, as well as offering some commentary.

Ford is a great host for this carnival; a world expert on selling professional services, he has written several books, as well as having published in Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal. Ford has a distinctive, powerful and very practical approach to managing professional services firms, and particularly to the business development role. He brings a clear perspective to the Carnival.

The Carnival looks at the last month’s blog postings on the subject of trust in four broad arenas: trust in Sales and Marketing, in Leadership and Management, in Strategy, Economics and Politics, and finally in Advising and Influencing.

It’s a top 10 list: edited and commented on by someone with a clear point of view and discerning judgment, so you can get the most insight out of your valuable time. This month, that someone is Ford Harding.

Click on over to the Carnival for a read; and many thanks to Ford for hosting.
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