Introducing the May Carnival of Trust

I never cease to be impressed at the quality of writing and insights that the guest hosts bring to the Carnival of Trust. And Victoria Pynchon has forged brilliant new ground this month.

Ms. Pynchon is a lawyer, who also writes Settle It Now, a negotiations blog. This is powerful background for someone writing about trust.

Victoria leads off with a powerful videoclip (a first for the Carnival of Trust) from David Mamet’s GlenGarry Glen Ross–Al Pacino at his blustering best.

The Top Ten trust selections she chooses are brilliantly linked to her own trenchant comments on current events.

Commercial corruption; trust in politics; medical ethics; social media. These are among the topics she covers. And it’s one of the more entertaining and educational trips you’ll go on.

High quality selection; witty and incisive commentary. That’s what the Carnival of Trust is all about.

Many thanks and congratulations to Victoria Pynchon. Now do yourself a big favor and click on over to Settle It Now, to read the May Carnival of Trust.


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  1. Vickie Pynchon
    Vickie Pynchon says:

    Thanks Charles.  As you know, all in a blogger’s day’s work but having the effort appreciated so deeply and knowingly . . . well, it makes me want to TRUST you!


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