Call for Submissions for the October Carnival of Trust

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The fifth Carnival of Trust is on its way and will go live on Monday October 1st. The deadline for entries is this coming Thursday September 27th. This edition will be hosted by Steve Cranford of Whisper . Ultimately branding is about trust, and Steve should deliver an exellent carnival.

As I wrote when announcing the first Carnival of Trust my hope and ambition for the carnival is to begin establishing a home base, a center of gravity, for people who are interested in fostering greater trusted relationships in various realms of the world.

While my own material is primarily business-oriented, the Carnival of Trust will be explicitly more broad than business alone. Trust is heavily personal in nature, and I hope the submissions will reflect that—postings that deal with personal trust, business trust, and political trust are welcome, as well as pieces on the nature of trust.

There is a hard limit of 10 postings per Carnival. The host will personally make the decisions about inclusion, in an inevitably subjective manner intended to push the thinking ahead in those broad areas of trust.

I invite, encourage and urge you to submit pieces for the Carnival. You can submit them here.

The first, second, third and fourth carnivals of trust had some great articles I urge you to read if you haven’t already.

And I look forward to reading your articles in the October Carnival.

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