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Following are a series of cases about trust in business relationships. They have been designed to reflect realistic trust-related business relationship issues within Shell. The intent is to encourage dialogue about such situations.

We encourage you to comment on these cases, and to read other people’s comments. It is a way to share perspectives. At the end of any case, just click the "comments" button at the bottom of the post, and add your perspective.

The Resistant Client

I’ve got a client who should be a client; needs to be a client; whose boss wants him to be a client; and who himself probably wants to be a client—but who is resisting.

He’s got weak interpersonal skills. He “plays” badly with peers, gets weak 360s from subordinates, and is prone to giving orders and losing his temper. In speaking with him, I get signs that he knows the effect his behavior is having on others, and doesn’t like it. I think he knows it could hurt him big time, but is—I think—very embarrassed to admit it.

Worse, I have been recommended to him by his boss and by one peer. I think he may feel that working with me is a public acknowledgement of his failings, and that gives him problems.

I have tried to politely approach him, but he does not seem to be taking the hints.

Any suggestions on better approaches to take to get him involved with me?

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