Yesterday’s Post, Spam Filters, and the Industry-That-Shall-not-be-Named

Yesterday I wrote a post about how a particular industry could address its pervasive trust problems.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this industry — if only because it is a notorious subject of email spam.

In fact, spam filters are so sensitive to mentions of this industry by name that several readers who subscribe to this blog by email have reported finding yesterday’s post quarantined by their spam filters.

In other words: if you subscribe by email, your spam filter may have protected you from yesterday’s post. You don’t need the protection!

Please read it directly at

I’d welcome thoughts on how I can write about this particular industry, yet evade spam filters for my email subscribers.

Incidentally, the industry is not the one about "people not wearing clothes and being very friendly," nor the industry of restoring deposed African nobility with their vast fortunes. It is the other industry that spam filters love to hate. If you haven’t clicked on the link yet, any guesses on what the topic was?

Maybe if the industry gets trustworthy enough, even our spam filters will be able to trust it. That’d be good.

Meanwhile. If you take a moment to add the sending address for any subscriptions you receive by email to your email address book or "safe list" (depending on the specifics of your email program), this increases the chances of your subscriptions making it past your spam filter and arriving safely in your inbox.

RSS feeds eliminate the spam filter problem and may be a more reliable alternative to email subscriptions for reading blogs in some cases. If you are considering signing up for Trust Matters by RSS, our RSS address is
and if you’d like help setting it up you are welcome to contact my support team at [email protected] .


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  1. Jim Monk
    Jim Monk says:

    Interestingly, this blog went directly to my junk box whereas all your other blogs (that I know of) have come to my inbox.  The world is a’changin’.



  2. Jim Monk
    Jim Monk says:

    I checked on your web site to see if I knew the industry-that-shall-not-be-named.  Sure enough, I had received that blog in my inbox, while the second one talking about it went to my junk box.




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