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I’m in Maine for a few days. Not "the rock-bound coast of Maine," lobstah, and all that—I’m talking inland. Beans of Maine. No internet. Hard core.

Anyway, to serve the demands of addicted Trust Matters readers, I’m leaving a few links you might like. They range from humorous to poignant to practical. Enjoy.

Ed. at BlawgReview, who recently hosted the 3rd Carnival of Trust, came up with this gem defining trust—it merits repeating.

Phil McGee, more than anyone I know, practices a rigorous self-analysis. He digs into his soul with bare hands and raw fingernails, and dredges up whatever is there—which ranges from sludge to the beautiful. I think of him as defining courage—having the guts to face your innermost fears. This post—or maybe this one—are good intros.

In the vein of self-improvement, read Tim Sanders’ take on keeping promises—what if you tracked your own promises, as others doubtless do?

All for now. Back next week.


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