Upcoming Events 7/9/2010

Whether it’s global warming or just a searing hot heat wave, this week has proven to be a hot one for those of us out here on the East Coast. Record temperatures aside, we’ve got bubbling items on our agenda and we hope you can join us for some. We’ve changed dates, included more details, and added events to our calendar below. Take a look!


Thurs. July 29th          Singapore          Trip Allen

Preview trust-based skills and techniques that allow you to forge quicker yet long-lasting relationships, so as to increase your overall business. Trip will be speaking on Trust Edge: Trust-based Selling & Business Development at Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS). 6:00–9:00PM. Open to the public. Fees: MIS  Student/Member-$20; Partner-$35; Non-member-$35. Venue: MIS Executive Club (51 Anson Road, #03-53 Anson Centre, Singapore 079904). For more information, please take a look at the brochure.

Tues. Aug. 10th      Global Access          Sandy Styer

Sandy Styer, the head of the Trusted Advisor Diagnostics group, will present the findings of  the largest study on trustworthiness ever completed: the Trusted Advisor Whitepaper entitled "Think Again", and the implications for business This research covered over 12,000 respondents. FREE. 10:00AM EST. 30 minutes duration. Contact: [email protected] to register.

Sat. Sept. 18th      Global Access          Charles H. Green

Charlie will be a presenter in the 2010 Mediation Business Summit webinar. He’ll talk about how the sales process is a powerful opportunity to create trust and how behaving in the a trustworthy manner during the sales process both creates customer trust and enhances the odds of getting the sale. He’ll outline the principles of Trust-based Selling(r) and discuss how to respond to the Six Toughest Sales Questions. Cost: $100 to attend entire event 8 speakers, via telephone. For more information and to register, visit http://mediationbusinesssummit.com/register/.

Tues-Fri. Sept 21-24th          Chicago          Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe, Director of Learning Programs, will be a Learning Team Leader for Linkage Inc’s 2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit and will be leading a session on "Client Relationships: Making Yourself more Trustworthy."

Tues. Sept. 28th          Washington, DC          Andrea Howe & Charles H. Green

Save the date for Trusted Advisor Associates’ foundational, core two-day program Being a Trusted Advisor: Walking the Talk; co-led by Andrea Howe and Charles H. Green. For more information or to register, please contact Tracey Del Camp at [email protected].

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