The Trust Reader Volume 5

Welcome to May’s ebook, Volume 5 of the TrustReader.  The TrustReader series announces the publication of new articles on the Trusted Advisor website.

This month’s issue consists of three customer-focused articles.  We lead with the psychological paradox that lies at the heart of selling.  

There is always a tension in business, between the needs of the buyer and the needs of the seller.  The salesperson’s inner psychology operates at the knife-edge between those two.  

A salesperson wants to sell.  But a customer doesn’t want to be ‘sold.’  There are four possible ways for this tension to play out: three of them are bad.  The Paradox of Selling is about the One Right Way to think about selling.  It’s one of my favorites. 

The other two articles are given one-page summaries with links.  They are:

Your Customer Is Your Competitor Is Your Partner (originally published in,  and 

The Only Two Screening Decisions You Have to Make


I welcome your comments, and  hope you’ll pass along this copy to friends and colleagues who might enjoy it. 


Charlie Green

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