Think More Expertise Will Make You More Trusted? Think Again—The Trusted Advisor White Paper

We’re departing from our usual  Trust Reader and TrustMatters Primer ebook series to bring you something really special this month.  We’re proud to introduce a White Paper we’ve been working on for—well, a very long time.  It’s the analysis of 12,000 responses to the Trust Quotient quiz. 
The White Paper is called "Think Again." The full title is "Think More Expertise Will Make You More Trusted?  Think Again."


The title reflects just one of the surprising findings from what we think is the world’s largest study of personal trustworthiness.  What outranks expertise in creating trustworthiness?  Are women more trustworthy than men?  What’s the relationship between age and trustworthiness?  And are you better off fixing your weaknesses, or leading with your strengths?
These and other insights await you; we hope you enjoy the reading, and would welcome hearing your thoughts.

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Ok, so I’m off to address the imbalance in my trustworthiness strategies, so that I can strengthen my overall trustworthiness. luckily I’ve got a bit of a head start with over 20 years service in Mental Health where conveying warmth and empathy counts for a lot. The white paper is enlightening, refreshing and as you point out Surprising in its findings. Thank you!

  2. Ann Kruse
    Ann Kruse says:

    Charlie –

    Thanks for this great information.  It confirms what I have found in interviewing people who hire lawyers.  These clients say things like, "Sheer technical brilliance is not enough."  They want their lawyers to understand and care about them.  Technical expertise gets the lawyer in the door, but doesn’t get (or keep) the business.

    It’s great to see this backed up with deeper research.

    Best regards,


  3. ajit jhangiani
    ajit jhangiani says:

    One of the best, if not the best, presentations I have witnessed in the hallowed halls of Harvard.

     You mentioned the word ‘right’ only once and, as you said later, you could have mentioned it many more times. Also, enhancing the lot of others, and thereby enhancing yourself in the process, is the bases of spirituality, but with one difference. While one is acting for the benefit of all, one’s motive cannot be to enhance oneself. Seeing that most of your clients are profit oriented, how does one judge one’s actions in this context?

     Love what you are doing, the world is a better place for it. Wish you all the success.


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