The Year In Review?

I’d like to thank everyone who has read this blog over the past year.  In fact, I’d like to hugely and profoundly thank you all.  Those who contributed, but also those who also just read.  (I’m a lurker myself on lots of sites).

I’m going to take a few days off from December 21 to December 30.  I’ll be back with some New Year’s thoughts at that time.

Meanwhile, I’d be curious to ask this readership if there were any particular postings that stuck in your mind this year?  You can refresh your memory by going to the bottom left of the blog page (click here if you’re reading from email), and having a look.

In any case, may I wish you all a very fine holiday season.

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  1. Joaquin
    Joaquin says:

    Hi Charles,

    Thank YOU for all your insights. The posts that most stick in my mind are those in which you talk about confusing goals with outcomes in business relationships. Those really stay with me and I apply the reasoning to different aspects of life.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Carl Isenburg
    Carl Isenburg says:

    I agree with Joaquin – the posts around the apparent confusion between goals and outcomes are very insightful.

    It’s become a meme amongst some of the folks that I work with – we call it "confusing the game with the score".

  3. Shaula Evans
    Shaula Evans says:

    Happy New Year, Charlie — and thanks from me, too, for a year of great lessons and conversations.

    Your Detroit Disease article is the one that has really stuck with me from 2007: we lose so much to the destructive fixation on short-term gains. 

    In contrast, I find that a low self-orientation and a focus on long-term strategies is such an easy way to distinguish oneself and to succeed in virtually any field of endeavour.

    Let’s hope more people catch on to this in 2008!

  4. Charles H. Green
    Charles H. Green says:

    Joaquin, Shaula, Carl–thanks very much these comments, they are very useful to me as I work on my next book.  The themes you noted are central to that book, so I appreciate the external "market research."

    And Shama (and all), thanks for the nice words of encouragement.  Happy New Year!


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