The Trust Reader Volume 1


Competitive Disadvantage: New Sales Strategies for New Business Models is the first article in a series of ebooks I’m releasing called The Trust Reader. The Trust Reader will be published roughly every few months. Articles introduced here will be available thereafter on the website, but you’ll see them here first.

The highlighted article is part sales, part strategy. Titled Competitive Disadvantage, it explores the implications of an increasingly connected world for business strategies, and by extension, for sales strategies. That article is contained in its entirety here.

The other two articles are Client Service, Not Client Servility, and Some Kinds of Sales Motivation Are Better Than Others. Both these articles are abstracted in this issue.

The Trust Reader series joins the Trust Matters Primer series—an occasional selection of the best from from the blog Trust Matters. If you would like to sign up to receive blog posts by email just use the email signup at the top left of the Trust Matters page.

Download the first edition of the Trust Reader here

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You can find previous articles published by Charles H. Green at

As always, if you prefer not to receive our series, simply email me or click the link below to let us know.

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