The August Carnival of Trust is Up!

The 3rd Carnival of Trust is up at the Blawg Review. The Editor of the Blawg Review has put together a fine selection which are more than worth your time to peruse.   (You can also read the first and second Carnivals.) The Blawg Review is also up and anyone who enjoys legal matters will find plenty of interesting articles to read as well.

The fourth Carnival of Trust will come out Tuesday September 4th and the submission deadline is August 30th. We’d love to receive your submission.

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  1. Shaula Evans
    Shaula Evans says:

    As the Blawg Review site doesn’t have comments enabled, I’ll leave my compliments to Ed. here instead:  bravo on assembling quite the olla podrida of writings on trust! (And for the herculean task of hosting two carnivals on the same day — I’m flabbergasted that you took that on.)

    Reading Trust Matters regularly has definitely made me prone to noticing trust issues in current events  stories much more than I used to, so I was particularly delighted that Ed. had come up with a number of articles for the Carnival of Trust that I’d never seen before. Thank you!

    (I’ve also noticed that I talk more specifically and overtly about trust issues in my conversations, too.  Let’s hope Charlie’s having this much effect on everyone!)


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