The April Top 5

The most popular post in April was actually from late March. Perhaps because many people hope to be…

1. Working and Feeling Good – it seems that being happy at work is much like being happy in a marriage, and that it has less to do with your paycheck than one might think….

2. The Sacred Cow of Retention – is high retention caused by golden handcuffs really the type you want?

3. What if You Played Music and Nobody Listened – One of the best musicians in the world played in the DC Subway, and no one stopped to listen. Do we know good performance when we see or hear it? Or do we only see it when we expect it or from people we expect it from? The answer is probably pretty important.

4. Trust-Destroying Selling – Concrete examples of how sometimes doing everything you can to get a sale is the worst thing you can do.

5. Trust, Betrayal and the 9/11 Jumpers – Resurrected from the archives, the question of whether or not you can trust the press to tell the "whole truth, and nothing but the truth" is one that continues to bother people. Can you? Should you? When is it acceptable not to tell the whole truth?

Please join the conversation on any of these posts. What do you think – what’s the happiness-to-money link; what’s the role of trust in the press; is quality a relative thing?  Relative to what?

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