The Carnival of Trust for May 2010 is hosted by Julian Summerhayes

Welcome to the May Carnival of Trust — a compilation of the best blogosphere-wide trust-related posts in the last month.

This month the Carnival is hosted by Julian Summerhayes, at his blog of the same name.  Julian’s Twitter-handle is @OneLife.

Each month the selections are made by a revolving guest host.  In Julian’s case, the eclectic selections reflect his own eclectic background.   Hailing from Devon, England, Julian has worked in the recruiting, aerospace and the legal sectors. 

If you click on over to his site to read the Carnival, you’ll find fascinating posts from a baker’s dozen bloggers.  The subject material ranges from branding to crisis management to project management to emotional connection to the sales process.  I find it a powerful experience to read the widely varying manifestations of the simple concept of trust.

Do yourself a favor.  Click on over to the Carnival of Trust. And enjoy the high quality reading.

Maybe you’ll be moved to submit some material of your own to future Carnivals.  You can do so by clicking here.  And you can read past Carnivals by clicking here.

Many many thanks to Julian Summerhayes for hosting this most excellent edition of the Carnival.