Interview with Charles Green at Dave Stein’s Blog: I Would Buy From this Guy

Dave Stein has posted an interview with me (along with some kind words) in his post, I Would Buy From This Guy

First, thank you, Dave.  (And special thanks to Jill Konrath for echoing the sentiment!). It’s an honor.

As I’ve gotten to know Dave,  I am struck by his solid instincts of commonsense and integrity–and by the breadth of knowledge and experience in the sales industry.  He has been a sales consultant, trainer, author, blogger, and networker.  Everywhere I turn in the sales arena, people seem to know Dave,  and at every contact I have with him I am impressed with his insights and wealth of knowledge.  I appreciate the honor of his comments.

Check him out at his company, ES Research Group.  You won’t regret.