Dealing with Pricing Objections: Podcast with Charles H. Green on

When I talk about trust-based selling, the question closest to the surface for most listeners is:

"What do I do when my client says to me, ‘your price is too high’?"

I sat down with Peter Clayton, of TotalPicture Radio to talk about just that.  If you want to settle back and listen, you can hear that conversation in the podcast interview that resulted. 

If you prefer your experience visual rather than aural, you can click below the "Listen to the Podcast" box to read the transcript.

Here’s a taste, beginning with Peter’s intro:

"If you’re like most professionals, you’re not comfortable with selling. It’s not easy fighting the feeling that hyping yourself is somehow inappropriate. And it’s worse when you have to deal with objections, doing presentations, and getting rejections — or waiting for the phone to ring." — Charles H. Green

Welcome to a Success Strategies podcast on TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting. When I came across Charles H. Green’s article in RainToday (a fabulous sales and marketing resource), I immediately contacted Charlie and asked him share his insights with us. He is founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates based in West Orange, NJ.

Charlie is the author of Trust-based Selling and co-author of The Trusted Advisor. Centering on the theme of trust in business relationships, Charles works with complex organizations to improve trust in sales, internal trust between organizations, and trusted advisor relationships with external clients and customers. He is a speaker and executive educator on trust-based relationships and trust-based selling in complex businesses.

We’re all in sales today. And for sales adverse people such as myself, learning how to present yourself, and your expertise using positive, "deal winning" sales skills has become a matter of survival.

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