The Best Business Blog You Probably Haven’t Read

My nominee for one of the best business blogs ever is The Cynical Girl, previously known as Punk Rock HR. It may also be the funniest business blog going.

In a recent posting, Laurie Ruettimann explained what employers think makes a great employee: a super hardworking slob who labors for love of the company and its brand, who has no discernible self-respect, and cares nothing about money.

However, like all Laurie’s posts, this one featured a respectful and sensible alternative point of view, her definition of great employees:

1. They have skills. They can do something important and in demand.

2. They have integrity. Principles matter.

3. They can commit to the job and its responsibilities. They live up to those commitments every single day.

4. They enjoy working hard and challenging their brains. Great employees don’t shovel corporate dog poop.

5. When they make a mistake, they own it and apologize. They also expect a second chance to make things right.

I was especially struck by points two, three and five, all about people who have integrity, demonstrate responsibility and consistency, and own their mistakes. This is a pretty good definition of someone you can trust:

1. Integrity – someone who is whole, who acts the same way around everyone and in all circumstances, who doesn’t do expedient things for their own gain at the expense of others.

2. Responsibility – someone who takes work seriously, and is reliable in making commitments and following through.

3. Owning their Mistakes – someone you can trust, because they are honest about their mistakes and missteps and willing to bring them into the open and make them right.

Laurie could really call her blog The Common Sense Girl, or The No BS Girl, and she would still get my vote for best business blog. Check her out. WARNING: strong language and frank opinions!