Call for Submissions: April Carnival of Trust

Just a reminder: midnight Thursday April 2, is the due date for submissions to the April Carnival of Trust.

In the nearly inconceivable case that you’ve not heard of the Carnival of Trust, it is a compilation of the Top Ten blogposts of the past month having to do in some way with the subject of trust: trust in relationships, business, politics, or society.

The host-ship of the Carnival is rotated each month. The host plays a critical role not only in selecting the blogposts for inclusion, but in adding some value of their own by commenting or adding context. Kind of like a really concise, insightful movie review.

This month we’re delighted to welcome our friends James Irvine and Trip Allen of Egyii (say it "edgy") out Singapore way.  A look at their site will suggest a competent, eclectic, experienced approach to business matters.  I look forward to that perspective informing the Carnival of Trust. 

You can submit your post for inclusion here. Good luck!



February Carnival of Trust is Up

The Carnival of Trust for February, 2009 is now up at Ian Brodie’s most excellent blog, Sales Excellence.

As you may know, the Carnival of Trust chooses the Top Ten trust-relevant posts of the preceding month–and provides trenchant, bite-sized commentaries on the posts themselves.  The result is a limited set of highest-quality content.

As host Ian notes, this has been an auspicious period for trust.  He could easily have feasted on scandals and backlash alone, but he has wisely included a mix of inspiring, cautionary and insightful comments along with the Madoff lessons.

Click through to the Carnival and read Ian’s picks-of-the-month on trust.  They range from Dan Rooney (Steelers’ coach), to NLP, to counseling, to Buddhism–to a fine Madoff piece.  All woven nicely with commentary by host Ian Brodie, to whom we are most grateful.

If you’ve got a blog post you’d like to see in that Top Ten list, feel free to nominate it.  The carnival comes out once a month, on the first Monday of each month. The deadline for submissions (see is always the prior Thursday.

Thanks again to Ian for hosting; pop in for some good reading. 




January Carnival of Trust: Call for Submissions

carnival of trust image

Every month the Carnival of Trust highlights ten of the best posts on trust, whether business related or not. The next carnival will be Monday January seventh. If you’ve written a post you think would be a good fit, or if you have read a post by someone else that you think would be great for the carnival I’d like to encourage you to submit it for the carnival. This month’s host is Ford Harding of Harding and Company.

Carnival Submission Guidelines:

  1. The Deadline for submissions is midnight, January 3rd.
  2. Posts do not have to be business related. Trust in personal relationships, politics, or any other sphere of life are more than welcome, and, indeed, encouraged.

Posts can be submitted here.

If you’d like to read a sample Carnival of Trust, both the Carnival of Trust homepage lists all prior carnivals. I look forward to another excellent edition with your help.