April Carnival of Trust is Up

The Carnival of Trust this month is hosted by Skip Anderson, who hosts the Selling to Consumers blog.  Those of you familiar with the Carnival can click right here to go straight to it

If the term "carnival" in this context is new to you, it’s a monthly compilation of the ‘best of the web’ regarding trust blogs, as adjudged by a floating host, unaffected by yours truly.  This month’s selection of 11 articles, being made by Skip, partly reflect his interests and partly reflect a more eclectic taste as well.  They cover the gamut of sales and trust, from strategy to technique, from social meaning to inner meaning.

He’s selected an interesting smorgasbord of material, including the relationship of trust and ROI; trust, profit and ethics; stale popcorn and how it affects buying behavior; a comparative ranking between ‘interesting’ and ‘truthful’; and a rollicking good dialogue about a controversial YouTube post put up by adfolk OgilvyOne, hosted by @davidabrock.  Among others, that is.  Eleven in all.

See what a great Carnival is all about: read someone else’s take on trust for a day.  Go visit April’s Carnival of Trust, hosted by Skip Anderson–many thanks Skip!