September Carnival of Trust is Up


The September Carnival of Trust is up, and it’s a great read. 

Our hard-working host this month is Ann Bares, of Altura Consulting Group, who writes at Compensation Force.  For those of you new to "carnivals," the concept is this: each month, a guest host combs the internet for the best blog posts relating to trust: trust in sales and marketing, leadership and management, strategy/economics/politics, and advising/influencing.  Each host adds their own particular perspective and commentary n teh Top 10 choices they made.

Ann has done a terrific job surveying the field–her selections convey the range of situations within which trust is relevant.  She introduces and shares with us posts on trust relations between citizens and local government; the role of trust in social networking; how saying "No" can create trust; and my personal favorite, the use of trust as a substitute for controls in the business world.  Congratulations to all the posts selected by Ann to make the Top Ten List–it’s an honor!

It’s a great read–I recommend the September Carnival of Trust to you.

Past Carnivals can be found here.  If you’d like to enter a blog posting for the next Carnival, click here.  The next Carnival of Trust will be held at the beginning of October.


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