May Carnival of Trust Is Up

The May Carnival of Trust is now up. Hosted by David Donoghue of Chicago IP Litigation Blog, David has found new ways to raise the Bar of Quality, thereby granting another treat to Trust Matters readers.

(If you don’t know what the Carnival of Trust is, it’s a monthly collection of the Top Ten posts of the past month that touch on the subject of trust. See more, including past Carnivals, here).

You should read David’s excellent Carnival Post in its entirety and in the original. In the meantime, here are few samples to get your bloggish taste buds interested.

-Do people trust friends more than bloggers? Which bloggers? Under which conditions? Quite a lot of energy on this one since David posted it.

-Is trust subjective or not? Listening David go back and forth with his subjects makes me appreciate his skills as a lawyer.

-Did American Airlines’ grounding of its MD-80s hurt its trust with customers? Or improve it? Weigh in.

-And, one near and dear to my heart, the role of trust in negotiations: both as a negotiator, and as a counsel to a negotiating party. Good stuff.

You won’t find better reading this side of the New Yorker (or Rolling Stone, or whatever you think is good reading. ) At least, that’s my humble opinion.

Many thanks to David.

If you’d like to have your material appear in a future Carnival of Trust, please submit your blog posting here. The June Carnival will be hosted by Clarke Ching.  And if you’re still hankering for more Trust Carnival, the prior editions can be found on the Carnival homepage.

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  1. R. David Donoghue
    R. David Donoghue says:


    Thank you for the kind words.  I loved writing the Carnival and look forward to doing it again.  It was a great change of reference for me.  It is invigorating to look at your subject matter through a different lens.   In fact, I enjoy reading the monthly Carnivals from people in other industries for the same reason.

    Let me know when you want me to host next, and keep up the good work.



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