How Will You Respond in a Time of Crisis?

It’s fair to say the vast majority of us have not experienced a global public health crisis at a scale similar to the one we are experiencing right now with COVID-19.

While many might point to political or economic events that triggered similar feelings, the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus is touching every single person, everywhere on this planet.

How you respond during this unprecedented time is very telling of your Trust Temperament. With swirling instability in the world around us, the differences in the ways each of us builds trust and responds to crisis can become even more apparent.

Building Trust in Times of Crisis

The Expert – Scoring highly in Credibility and Reliability, Experts are relied on for their expertise and follow-through. They will dig in to learning everything they can about the crisis at hand in order to help others understand the situation. For example, they may become highly attuned to tracking the statistics around COVID-19, understanding viral transmission, and digging into the facts and data from a more objective and analytical perspective. The downside is they may not show enough empathy during such an emotional time.

The Catalyst – Big picture people, Catalysts combine Credibility and Intimacy to focus on big ideas and solving big problems. During a crisis of this magnitude and with so many challenges to solve, Catalysts will do everything they can to think outside the box to spark new ideas. Others will look to them for guidance on framing this global problem.

The Professor – Scoring high on Credibility and Self-orientation, Professors are driven by sharing insight and expertise with others for the sake of educating. During a global pandemic, others will turn to Professors to learn more about the topic, and Professors will commit to teaching at every opportunity.

The Doer – Strong in Reliability and Intimacy, Doers aim to keep focus in times of distress. No matter how many obstacles get thrown in their way, Doers resolve to stay the course and help keep everyone marching in the right direction. They commit and, no matter how hard the circumstances, resolve to find a way to see things through. Others find solace and purpose in their steadfastness.

The Steward – They are counted on for doing what they say and keeping other people’s best interests at the forefront. Scoring favorably in Reliability and Self-orientation, their goal is to make sure their people are taken care of. During a time of crisis, this may include ensuring everyone on their team is adequately set up to work remotely and has the tools and information they need to continue doing their jobs. Or, if remote work can’t be completed, support them in whatever way fits their situation and needs.

The Connector – Know commonly as a “people person,” a Connector combines Intimacy with low Self-orientation and builds trust by demonstrating their care and commitment for others. During a time when social distancing is a necessary norm, Connectors will continue to find ways to, naturally, connect – be that on the phone or via video chat in order to maintain relationships. Connectors help ease feelings of stress and anxiety in others who are fearful about the uncertainty of the future.

One Day at a Time

Trust is not something you can turn on or off. During a pandemic, the way we build trust may have to flex, but strengthening relationships is more important than ever as we all work to get through this crisis one day at a time.

Take our TQ assessment today to learn more about your strengths and how you most effectively build trust with those around you – whether that’s in person or remotely. Please note: the Trust Temperament™ is not included in the free mini-report; you must purchase the full report to learn about your Trust Temperament™. If you have questions about what your results mean or how to improve trust in your organization, reach out to us. We look forward to the conversation.

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