Governor Paterson and the Art of Political Confession

While perhaps not the tone I would use, this ultimate message of honesty of this post is one I more than agree with.  And it’s very funny.

Courtesy of Scholars and Rogues, here’s a little taste of Yes, Larry, I Did F**k that Goat; a Confessional Primer for the Modern Political Aspirant, by Euphrosyne.

"New York Governor David Paterson has the kind of political acuity worth watching… and unfortunately, probably worth emulating from now on. He coolly observed his predecessor go down in flames and silicone. He stepped politely over the writhing corpse, ascended into office and promptly did what Mrs. E has been privately hoping for years a political figure would do: called a press conference, looked the American media in its bloodshot, Internet-porn-raddled eyes and said, in essence:

“All right, bitches, let’s GO there,” spilling a load of personal compost over the next few days that, while not spectacular in scope, was refreshingly honest in a somewhat revolting way. Best of all, his wife did more than (here it comes) stand by her man; she added her own soiled knickers to the flurry of smudged tidy whities Dave was launching at the dazed citizens of New York. Damn. In a grave near Nashville, Tammy Wynette’s carefully embalmed nipples are standing at awed attention."


Click through here to enjoy the rest. You’re guaranteed your belly laugh of the day.